Cristina Ratto

02 December 2017

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In complete safety and in full respect of nature, at the Adventure Park of  Fontainemore you can experience an unforgettable day, venturing into the different tracks; you will face gangways, bridges, lianas and pulleys suspended between the trees in the paths, differentiated by difficulty and type, suitable for everyone.

A zip line that for 200 meters will make you fly over the Lys stream in a breathtaking crossing, rotating logs, rodeo and free climbing will give you the excitement and fun of a unique adventure!

And in the “Villaggio dei Piccoli” children from 3 years of age can have fun in total safety by following dedicated paths and itineraries, under the gaze of their parents.
Located a few steps from “La Maison de Mèmé”, the Park is easily reached on foot.